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Cee Mee Interact

Cee Mee Interact is a process created by using an invisible transparent background giving the appearance of the subject walking, sitting or standing superimposed on your website.

If you have just watched me deliver my welcome to Cee Mee Interact message, you have just witnessed cutting edge technology and you've got to admit it's pretty impressive.

Cee Mee Interact is an exclusive product of Rovick Productions, this technique attracts attention and when the message is delivered viewers stop to listen.

When delivered effectively you can convey your message within seconds, which is more than you can achieve with the written word.

This revolutionary new technology is becoming more popular with businesses who:

• Want a WOW factor,

• Want to portray they keep up to date with technology, or

• Want to step ahead of their competitors

It removes confusion and guides people right through to the sales process, because you literally walk and talk them through your website highlighting specific points of interest.

This in turn keeps traffic on your site longer forming quality relationships and increased profits.

Let me ask you a question "when you arrived on this website, what did you do first, did you watch the video or read the content?"

Research tells us that instinctively you watched the video. Why? Well, there are lots or answers to that question but the most common response is one you have probably heard many times before "I haven't got time to read all the content". But they WILL watch a video."

So, if you want traffic to STOP on your website and linger, then providing video for them to watch is the answer. Better still take it a step further and give them a WOW factor. Greet them with an exclusive Cee Mee Interact video message.

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